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Barber Training by Groomed Academy


Groomed Academy is rooted in decades – centuries – of barbering tradition. A place that shapes leaders, a space that resonates with style and is textured with the grit and grace of dynamic industry experience. With an Academy in Somerset West, Groomed Academy is pioneering a new standard of barber and male grooming training in South Africa, also offering in-salon training around the country. As many are steadfast in rolling out red carpet exclusivity, our team is doggedly committed to cultivating opportunities that aim to turn red tape challenges into a thing of the past. Rich in experience and industry knowledge, our collective of educators strive to revolutionise the industry with a training approach that is entirely hands-on, simple but structured. Combining tradition with the avant-garde, we invite you to experience the full spectrum of male grooming and barbering techniques. By embracing this approach, graduates leave highly skilled and knowledgeable about male styling and grooming.



2 Days

Hot Towel/Wet shaving is an art form that has rapidly come back into fashion and is an increasingly important skill to have if you already are a barber or are thinking about becoming a barber or introducing this service into your salon. You will train in a group of maximum 4 students.

Our expert tutor will walk you through the steps of the traditional wet shave through demonstration and then provide guidance as you perform real shaves and clipper touch-ups on live models. By the end of the course you will have built your ability through repetition and be sufficient in cutthroat shaving at a professional standard.

The equipment/product required for this is built into the cost of the course.


9 days

Highlights of our 9 day Barber course include: Understanding different hair growth patterns, hair textures and scalp conditions. How to use Clipper and Scissors, learning Latest Trends, Hot Towel Shaving, Facial Waxing and Gent's Colour. 

The equipment/product required for this is built into the cost of the course.


6 Days for Beginners

3 Days for Fading & Latest Trends (intermediate)

Using a Clipper and learning different types of fades. Performing clipper and scissor combination cuts. Practise on live models.


(The equipment/product required for this is built into the cost of the Beginners course.

Only mannequin head included for the Fading & Latest Trends as this course is for intermediates and you will bring your own equipment.)


Our team is very much like a family – mirroring the intimate nature of the courses, which are taught by style guru Eric Lovemore as well as other fully qualified lecturers within the barber, hair and beauty industry. The lecturers are instrumental to championing a successful path on your journey to becoming a master groomer and stylist. Your course leaders are the catalyst to acquiring an understanding of an empowering new framework of learning for the men’s grooming industry in South Africa. Providing our students with barbering qualifications is par for the course, but education transcends the course work. We are fully invested in preparing students for their future ventures. Those who join our family of barbers will not only leave highly qualified, but confidently job-ready. Our partnership with Groomed Men THE SALON assist in helping provide work-seeking students an interview opportunity with these and other brands.

Eric Lovemore


(see our Testimonials page for more)

“It was an awesome experience. Already did my first client this morning. Can't wait to do more- super excited! Thanks again for everything. You will definitely see me again for more training.”

Lieze Theron

“Ive been a self taught barber for a few years but when I went and studied at Groomed Academy it really helped me understand all the disciplines of shaving and cutting gents hair much better. I now feel even more confident and want to thank my lecturers for everything. I can now truly call myself a Gentlemen's Groomer"

Melvyn Booysen

“Loved my Groomed training experience”

Emma Grant

The Cottage, 89 Andries Pretorius Street, Somerset West, 7130, South Africa

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